Sebastian Helene

The Story of Europe: Promo, Key Art

The Story of Europe


European TV broadcaster, Viasat, approached Found Studio with a brief for their landmark history series, The Story of Europe. The show examines the fundamental pillars of European history: war, religion, art, science, revolution, exploration and exploitation.

Working closely with Viasat’s creative team, the team at Found directed and produced the show’s promo and idents as well as high-res imagery for the key art visuals.



Sculpting (Franz Ferdinand, Modern European, Slave Head), Animation, Simulations, Key art (Gold scenes), Model Optimising

AGENCY: Found Studio    CLIENT: Viasat




This project required modelling some of the sculptures in the promo completely from scratch in Zbrush. I was responsible for bringing Franz Ferdinand and the modern golden European in the end of the film to life. The Franz Ferdinand model required me researching his facial structure carefully from historical photography and previous sculptures made of him by other artists. With the modern European the goal was to create a female with a classic European beauty defined by the art of Ancient European civilisations. 

Marble H:

A custom Marbled Viasat logo was created for the client specifically for this show. 


Early lighting tests:

These were some early stage lighting tests for the David scene. The final David lighting and composition in the promo was developed by Ryan Locke.


Every model had to be optimised for the film, this involved re-touching, reducing polygon counts and cleaning geometry.